I'm Such A Noob to Newsletters

But I'm Also a Curious Cat

When I first started on Substack, it seemed like such a great idea! Keep in touch! In a personal way!

I am one of those people who remains ever curious. Like a cat.

So when Substack auto bots said—import your posts! I clicked the button. All the titles imported. None of the posts or text.

Now I want to delete them and can’t figure that out.

So for now, just ignore everything that came before my first, and this second post. I’ll figure this out eventually.

In the meantime, I’ve got more serious writing to do.

Don’t you hate spending time trying to figure out someone else’s code? New platforms? UGH.

I really do have more important things to do. Why does the universe think this is important? Searching for the lesson. Who has that answer?

Have a nice day, and thanks for reading, and joining me on the journey. The writing will get better, I promise.

Your greatest fan,

Susan B.

P.S. Those titles are all articles for real that you can find on Medium. You can follow me there. https://medium.com/@susanbrearley